is a display system made from sheet metal based on steps of 33 x 33 x 33 cm. Two of these steps can be stacked and assembled in different ways. They form different spacial configurations.
There are magnetic bars, knobs and coat-hangers carved from beech wood to fix items on the Z step. In this way it becomes easy and versatile to show any kind of item like books, magazines, shoes, clothes, accessories, or other kind of products.

Fashion on the Z-step left to right:

And Beyond:
Scarf “Denim Patch” from “Patched” Collection

Femke Agema:
from “Nigliktok” Collection (A/W 2012):
Cape Blouse in black
Embroided top in mintgreen
Frozen dress in blue
from “Drijf” Collection (S/S 2011):
Waves shorts in black

Glasses: stylist's own

Accessories on the Z-step:

all shoes by Rosa Roozen
Scarf “Sparkle” from “Patched” Collection by And Beyond
Glasses and bag stylis fromt own

Graphic design on the Z-step:

Books by Adriaan Mellegers, Kalle Mattsson and Julia Born
Record Sleeves by Kalle Mattsson

Objects on the Z-step left to right:

all by Michael Schoner
Mother and Skull (3d Print)
Z Step paper modell
Sunrise Lamp
Cedar Donkey
Chop Carafe (Working Model)
Double Pyramid Tower (3d Print)

Photos: Michael Schoner
Assistant and Styling: Selina Parr

Concept September 2011
Execution March 2012

Z Step has won the "Arc 12 Award" for "best design"