MLK was developed to be a seat or side table. The shape of the stool develops from an almost mathematic logic:
Three legs are what is needed make any object stand up. Project these points up to a pleasant seating height and you have this stoels basic form:
From the triangular seat three other triangular flaps fold down, touching the ground always below one corner of the horizontal surface. In order to give them their stability each of these flaps is folded back to the center again where they all meet. The stool can thus be made out of one sheet of material.
In the existing models the material is an aluminum-plastic-sandwich. It is a composite material of two aluminum sheets of 0.5 mm glued to a plastic core of 3 mm. The outline-shape is cut out and at every folding edge a V-shaped groove is milled away leaving only the outer aluminumsheet. In this way, the stool can be folded by hand. The three flaps connect in the middle with screws, but bolds or even gluing could also be possible.
summer 2006